Monday, September 13, 2010

Faith versus kitten heals

Ok, so I know I never write on here..... I am currently taking a composition class at school and thought I'd post some of my essays on here for you to see....
This weeks essay was supposed to be about something you can see versus something you can't and the conclusion about the two so here goes.....

The Seen Versus the Unseen
Faith, in its earliest recorded definition is described as the “substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” While the recipients of ones faith may drastically differ, there is no denying the fact that we all posses it. To some it’s a reverent belief in God, a trust, a hope in his word, a unfailing commitment to serve him for life. For others it may be the confidence in a spouse or parent to provide, to nurture, to protect them from any seen or unseen danger or happenstance that might enter their lives. A child often possesses the simplest, yet greatest amount of faith. In their eyes nothing is impossible for the one who holds their faith and trust. Whether it be the action of service to God, the ability to believe in a loved one, the trust in a government to protect, the force that pushes you to jump out the window of a burning building into the arms of a firefighter, or the simplicity of a child’s trust, faith remains in the possession of every human being. Though unseen, it may possibly be the greatest thing you own.

On the other hand there are shoes. From Gucci and Prada to Chuck Taylors and Converse, a shoe is often the definition of ones taste and style. To some a shoe is for comfort and practical use while to others they are a trendy accessory. The assortment of shoes are endless, athletic sneakers, hiking boots, fluffy slippers, spiky heals, dressy sandals, flip flops, the list goes on and on. Shoes not only serve a practical purpose of protecting your feet but also can lend some insight as to the one wearing them. For instance, a men's Italian leather shoe may speak of class and sophistication while a dirty pair of work boots may speak of hard work and commitment. A girl in kitten heals probably enjoys fashion while a pair of plain flats are most likely worn by one who isn’t as worried about appearance.

Shoes and faith are two very different things on two very different spectrums, the seen and the unseen, but the line between the two can become a little blurry if looked at in certain ways. Faith which is unseen can become visible when it becomes the action of trust or belief in a seen thing. Shoes, a visible, seen object can give unseen insight about the person wearing them. The once blurry line becomes quite clear though when the shoes grow old and out of style and are tossed away only to be replaced a short time later. Faith is evidence of something that can never be replaced and never grows old. While the seen may sometimes become the unseen and the unseen the seen, at the end of the day what matters the most are not the things we see but the things we have the faith to believe in.