Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love's Orchestration

This is a part of a essay I wrote about love....what do you think?

Love’s Orchestration

Love is like music. Your love is your own to give to whom you choose, your most prized possession, a part of you bestowed upon another. Music is the gift of its master bequeathed upon its listener, the heart of its writer penned upon parchment, voiced through the sound of an instrument. Love manifests itself in many different ways through many different types of people as music manifests itself through many different instruments with many different types of sounds. You can hear the flighty trill of the flute in the love of the little girls kiss on her father’s cheek, the deep warm bowing of the cello in the a grandfathers loving words to his grandchild, the clarinets boisterous voice in a mothers loving care of her children, and the beautiful voice of the violin, its notes soaring through the heavens, as the love of a bride and groom on their wedding day. Love provokes emotion in even the most distant, cold soul. The bitter old man who shows no feelings until the day the stubborn, persistent care of a friend breaks through the barrier of his heart. From the rousing anthem to the mournful refrain music also evokes feelings and emotions. Most importantly you are the conductor of your own symphony of love and the way you choose to guide the instrumentation of that love will ultimately affect the dynamics and level of harmony in your life. Music is just ink on a page and love is just love until they are played and poured out bringing forth power and beauty to those around them.