Sunday, April 14, 2013

I found this  today...something I wrote a long time ago. It has a lot of errors as a poem but it was a good reminder for me today about Gods comfort so I thought I'd post it.

The Hand of God

You are right here, you are beside me
You hold me close, your arms around me
When I can’t feel, you place my hands in yours
When I can’t see, you guide mine back to yours
When I am discouraged, you lift me up
You give me joy, my sorrow is broken up
When I want to hide away, you push me to stand
You don’t stop there; you shove me further than I planned
You give me confidence to face the world, you give me hope, you give me courage
You trust me with knowledge, no longer am I held in unlearned bondage
So incredible you bequeathed your wisdom to me
So that I could attempt to understand, to see the world through the way you see
To help others in darkness to find the light, to be the hand that pulls them up tonight
To show you through me is all I hope to be, to give them freedom from their awful plight
Should I be able to coax a smile
To bring a heart up from the mire
I think I’ll have lived the life of fullness
The life I hoped would mirror your own
To be a portion of what you are
Is what I strive for every day
As you hold my hand tightly in yours
May I hold many more to add to our strand
Small and lowly, we are few
But strong and mighty we are too

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