Monday, September 9, 2013

I Believe in a Beautiful World

I believe in a beautiful world. All around us darkness is falling. Death seems to have invaded our world more often and more suddenly than we could ever prepare for. Sickness and sadness float like a cloud above our heads. Acts of terror have ripped children from their perfect young lives way too early it would seem. Young men and women rising up to be leaders find themselves in the deserts of Afghanistan looking down a barrel at the wrong end of a gun. Natural disasters tamper with our lives ripping from us every tangible possession. Success one day seems to end in failure all too often. No matter how high an education or how dedicated to a career you are, there is no assurance that you will find a job. And yet, I believe in a beautiful world.
            I believe in happiness and I believe in hope. I believe in God and in childlike faith. Take a walk outside and look up at the sky. Look down at the grass, look out at the natural world. No errors have been made here, no blotches or glitches have occurred. Take another walk, this one down the path of your life. If you look intently enough you’ll find the good, you’ll find the happy memories, and the times you simply could not stop laughing. Perhaps you’ll remember when your arms were wrapped tightly around that loved one that is no longer here, you still have that beautiful moment to hold on to. Even in the face of your darkest memories, beauty still exists.
            I believe in dreams and the pursuit to fulfill them. I believe in ambition though it may blind us from the price of success. I believe in the hope of a beautiful tomorrow, even if it is in the face of a less than beautiful today. I believe in the constant stimulation of learning, and the exploration of the unknown. I believe that over time we change with a changing world, and that with that changing world its ok for our dreams to change. We may never reach the goals we once had, but perhaps we’ll reach another instead. In the words of that old English poet, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime, you might find, you get what you need.”
            I believe in honesty and in down to earth people. Be real, be who you are, don’t fake it, don’t be who your not, be true, and above all be compassionate. Take a moment in your life and make a difference. Serve food at a local homeless shelter, go to the jungles of Africa and help a poor village, visit an orphanage and show some kindness, look your employees in the eyes and show them you care. Smile at the world and watch it smile right back at you. I believe in a beautiful world and that belief writes an equation where the good will always outweigh the bad.